EnSURE Touch and SureTrend Cloud combine to offer the industry’s most precise and advanced cleaning verification platform. EnSURE Touch introduces a mobile design to an ATP luminometer, making it incredibly intuitive yet exceptionally powerful. SureTrend Cloud is a cloud-based analytics solution with over 30 preprogrammed reports, ensuring a quick setup and efficient operation.

SureTrend Statistical Analysis Software offers you and all your stakeholders the ability to view plant hygiene anytime, anywhere, and is free with every Hygiena luminometer. Some of SureTrend Software’s key features include:

Here are some key benefits highlighted:

Cost-Effective Solution

Provides a budget-friendly option for measuring ATP levels in samples, reducing operational expenses.


Offers a user-friendly and straightforward colorimetric assay method that can be completed in approximately 30 minutes.

Principle-Based Assay

Utilizes a colorimetric assay principle that involves the conversion of ATP to ADP coupled with the reduction of NADP+, enabling accurate measurement of ATP levels.

Versatile Application

Suitable for measuring ATP levels in various sample types, including cultured cells, tissue homogenates, and body fluids, enhancing its applicability across different research areas.
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