AquaSnap Total

AquaSnap Total represents an ATP monitoring solution tailored for detecting and quantifying Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP) levels in water. Given ATP’s ubiquitous presence in living cells, its detection serves as a reliable marker for microbial contamination. This system facilitates swift and precise ATP detection in water, serving as a vital instrument for assessing water quality across diverse industries.
Here are some key benefits highlighted:

Rapid and Accurate Detection

Enables swift and precise identification of ATP in water, aiding in the prompt assessment of microbial contamination levels.

User-Friendly Design

Requires minimal training, boasting a portable and lightweight build for convenient usage across various settings.

Instant Results

Provides real-time feedback, allowing for immediate action upon detection of potential contamination.


Capable of detecting low levels of bacterial or microbial contamination, ensuring comprehensive water quality assessment.


Applicable across a wide spectrum of industries, offering a versatile solution for monitoring water quality.


Eliminates the need for costly laboratory testing, offering a budget-friendly alternative for routine water quality monitoring.


Utilizes advanced technology to deliver precise results, facilitating proactive identification and resolution of water quality issues.

Compliance Assurance

Helps organizations adhere to industry regulations and standards, including HACCP, GMP, and ISO 22000, ensuring regulatory compliance and quality assurance.

Industry Usage of Stick sponge

The AquaSnap Total system finds extensive application across diverse industries for water quality monitoring. Predominantly utilized in the food and beverage sector, it safeguards the purity of water employed in manufacturing and packaging processes. In healthcare settings, including hospitals and long-term care facilities, it plays a pivotal role in guaranteeing the safety of water for various purposes. Moreover, within the water and wastewater treatment domain, it ensures compliance with safety standards for both consumption and discharge. Furthermore, in the pharmaceutical industry, it serves to monitor the quality of water integral to the production process.

Key Benefits

The AquaSnap water ATP test stands as a cornerstone in Hygiena’s cleaning verification arsenal. Seamlessly integrated with the EnSURE™ Touch Monitoring System, it surpasses other water ATP solutions in terms of repeatability, linearity, sensitivity, and accuracy. Through a host of innovative design elements, AquaSnap establishes itself as the preferred choice in the field. Explore further to delve into these distinctive features.

Precise Sample Collection

The AquaSnap™ Total honey dipper collection tip collects an exact 100µl sample every time to ensure consistent results. Other ATP water tests use a swab designed for surface sample collection which causes large sample variation.

Patented Snap-Valve Activation

The patented Snap-Valve technology enables accurate results with less variation. It allows the use of a precise honey dipper for precise sample collection and eliminates friction during the activation step. With competitor solutions, the sample collection surface must break through a foil seal, removing a portion of the collected sample.

Liquid-stable Chemistry

AquaSnap™ Total uses liquid-stable chemistry designed to eliminate the need to reconstitute lyophilized pellets, leading to more consistent results. The chemistry in AquaSnap Total is a high-power, ultra-sensitive formulation to deliver precise results for low levels of ATP. Its chemistry is robust and resistant to harsh samples or sanitizer effects.

Easy as Dip, Snap, Squeeze

Using AquaSnap™ Total couldn’t be easier. The three-step process for collecting a sample, activating the device, and mixing the sample is so easy, anyone can do it.

Less is More

We believe less is more. Competitor swabs have on average 2x more parts than the Hygiena Swab. Fewer parts in the device mean less room for error from manufacturing variance and less raw material costs.

100% Recyclable

All Hygiena™ ATP test devices are 100% recyclable.

Quick CIP Sanitation Check.

With AquaSnap™ Total and AquaSnap™ Free, sanitation teams can check the cleaning efficiency of CIP systems quickly. Simply sample the water from the last wash of the CIP cycle, activate the swab, and read the results in your Hygiena™ luminometer. If ATP is present in the water, the cleaning cycle is not properly removing residue and the surfaces are still dirty.
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