Comparison KIT

Simple surface sampling comparisons can be highly variable due to sampling technique, surface type, sample type, and variation in residue present on different areas of the same surface. Hygiena’s ATP Side by Side Comparison Kit eliminates sampling error and provides a consistent and scientifically-based method for comparing systems by pipetting a known amount of ATP directly onto the tips of testing devices.
Here are some key benefits highlighted:

Comparative Testing

The kit provides a side by side comparison of two different hygiene monitoring methods, allowing users to evaluate the performance of different methods and make informed decisions about which method is best for their specific needs.


It can be used for a variety of industries and applications, including food and beverage production, healthcare and other industries where hygiene is a concern.

Easy to use

The kit is simple to use, and the results are easy to interpret, making it a convenient tool for monitoring hygiene.


The Side By Side Comparison KIT is a cost-effective solution for monitoring hygiene, as it allows users to evaluate different methods and choose the one that is most effective for their specific needs.

Industry Usage of Stick sponge

ATP side by side comparison kits are a valuable tool for comparing different ATP monitoring systems. They provide accurate and reliable results, are easy to use, and cost-effective. They are commonly used in the food and beverage, pharmaceutical, healthcare, and HVAC industry to ensure the cleanliness and sanitation of surfaces and equipment.

Key Benefits

The Side by Side Kit from Hygiena® offers a comprehensive solution with 25 test devices, liquid-stable ATP at three concentrations, a disposable pipette, pipette tips, and clear instructions, facilitating hassle-free testing. With a simple procedure and analysis, users can input results into the provided Excel spreadsheet, which automatically calculates statistical parameters like system background, limit of detection, variation, and linearity for efficient comparison. 


All-in-One Kit

Each Side by Side Kit includes 25 Hygiena® test devices, separate vials of liquid-stable ATP at three concentrations, a disposable 10 μL pipette, 50 pipette tips and easy-to-follow instructions. We also provide an Excel spreadsheet to make the analysis of results easy.

Simple Procedure & Analysis

The kit provides easy-to-follow instructions and a downloadable Excel spreadsheet. Just enter your test results into the spreadsheet and it will take care of all analysis. System background, the limit of detection, variation, and linearity are automatically calculated by the spreadsheet for statistical comparison.

Works with All Luminometers

Select the specific ATP Side-by-side Comparison kit for the specific Hygiena test device you are interested in comparing with a competitor unit, then run a test against any competitor system to see a full analysis of both ATP systems.
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