Swab Extender

Hygiena® Swab Extenders allow sampling in difficult-to-reach collected sites such as tanks, vents, or hoppers. Telescoping, collapsible extension There are two sizes available: 48 inches and 13 feet. The extender includes an incredibly simple swab holder that works with all Hygiena test equipment.
Here are some key benefits highlighted:

Reliable ATP Monitoring

Ensures accurate ATP level checks with reliability as a priority.

User-Friendly Design

Quick and easy operation facilitated by a simple user interface.

Versatile Functionality

Offers the ability to check ATP levels efficiently.

Enhanced Readability

Features a large display for effortless reading of results.

Convenient Timing

Built-in timer functionality for precise monitoring.

Automatic Power Saving

Includes an auto shut-off feature to conserve battery life.

Swab Hard to Reach Spots

Works with All Hygiena™ Test Devices

Compact 16″ Expands to 48″

Reaches Up to 13 Feet

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