Swab Cooler

When you need to transfer your test instruments or collect samples in temperatures over optimal, the Hygiena® Swab Cooler will keep them cool. The big main compartment contains numerous swab bags, while the vertical side pockets house luminometers and instructions. Includes a handy shoulder strap for hands-free transport.

Here are some key benefits highlighted:

Maintains optimal coolant temperatures to prevent overheating.

Maintains optimal coolant temperatures to prevent overheating.

Engine Longevity

Extends the lifespan of the engine by reducing stress and minimizing wear and tear.

Enhanced Engine Performance

Prevents engine strain, leading to improved fuel economy and overall efficiency.

Versatile Cooling

Can be utilized for both drilling fluid and reservoir fluid, enhancing operational flexibility.

Keeps Swabs Cold

Insulated construction keeps swabs cool in hot environments.

Holds Several Bags of Swab

Wide zipper top allows easy access and can fit several bags of swabs.

Separate Pocket for Luminometer

Separate pocket allows space to store luminometers and instructions.
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