GlutenTox® Pro

Designed specifically for industrial kitchens and meal manufacturers, GlutenTox® Pro is a user-pleasant gluten-detection package for foods, liquids and surfaces. GlutenTox® Pro consists of the G12 antibody that especially acknowledges the 33-meter peptide, the gluten fraction that triggers a response in people with celiac disease.


Provides precise measurements for dependable results.

Adjustable Sensitivity

Allows customization to match varying testing needs.


Adaptable to different environments and testing scenarios.

Quick Response

Delivers rapid results for efficient testing procedures.

Ease of Use

Simple operation and user-friendly interface.


Consistently delivers trustworthy performance.

No Lab Equipment Required

GlutenTox® Pro is a quick test for precise gluten detection in food, beverages, and on surfaces. Specially designed for gluten-free food manufacturers and handlers who need rapid, accurate results without having to use expensive lab equipment. It is a semi-quantitative tool to avoid accidental gluten contamination in foods and on surfaces. Each kit contains 25 single-use tests for gluten detection.

GlutenTox® Pro is the Ideal Solution for Avoiding Accidental Gluten Contamination

GlutenTox® Pro is designed for restaurant kitchens, cafeterias, catering companies, and food manufacturers that work with ingredients and products where gluten may be present. It is ideal for environments with incoming ingredients and shared facilities and helps ensure the safety of the final products

Harnessing the Power of the G12 Antibody

The G12 antibody was raised against the highly immunotoxic 33-mer peptide of the α-gliadin protein that induces celiac disease and recognizes the immunotoxic prolamins from wheat, barley, rye, and some varieties of oat. The G12 antibody is also capable of reacting to other epitopes that are found in other toxic prolamins and can react to similar sequences present in other gliadins outside the 33-mer of the α-gliadin. 

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