AlerTox® Sticks

AlerTox Sticks are fast tests for allergen detection in drinks, meals, and surfaces for inner Quality Control.

Allergens that may be detected with AlerTox Sticks consist of egg, hazelnut, fish, β-Lacto globulin, almond, mustard seed, casein, soy, and general milk. The AlerTox Sticks are explicitly designed to assist producers in holding their gadgets free from antigens which can motivate allergic reactions. They are a fast, user-pleasant check for detecting and qualifying the essential meal allergens without a lab system or medical know-how. This device may be used for meals exceptional control, implementation, and success of HACCP, ISO 2200, BRC, and IFS compliance.


Quick and Reliable

Provides fast and dependable results.

Rapid Results

Delivers outcomes within 10 minutes, enhancing efficiency.

No Cross-Reactivity

Ensures specificity without interference from other substances.

High Sensitivity

Detects allergens with precision and accuracy.

No Special Equipment Required

Can be used without the need for unique systems.

Safe and Clean

Ensures a safe and hygienic testing process.

Industrial Applications

  • AlerTox sticks detect allergens present in food items.
  • AlerTox sticks Trace allergen infection in food, liquid, and surfaces
  • Implementation and achievement of ISO 2200,BRC, HACCP and IFS compliance

AlerTox® Sticks Advantages

  • Quick and Reliable
  • Results in 10 Minutes
  • No Cross-Reactivity
  • High-Sensitivity

Round Out Your Allergen Prevention Program

For everyday protein residue detection, try AllerSnap®. AllerSnap® is a high-sensitivity color-changing allergen detection test that detects a wide range of proteins. Verifying effective protein removal between changeovers is a quick way to ensure sanitation protocols are effectively removing potential allergens on surfaces.

Allergens That Can Be Detected with AlerTox® Sticks

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